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Ima be a motha fucking J-U-Double-G-A-L-O!!

Jan. 13th, 2008 | 03:50 pm

Why Do I Call Myself A Juggalo
Cuz We Be Bangin The Wicked Shit
And Swimming Off In The Blood Of Mosh Pits
We Misfits And Misunderstood
We Got Chapters Of Family Off In Each In Every Hood

Im A Juggalo
And You Can Eat A Dick If Your Not
And If Your Still Long Enough You Get Eyeballs Popped
Im Even Worse Now Since The First Curse
Ill Cut Words Into My Leg Until It Hurts

Why Do I Call Myself A Juggalo
Bitch Cuz We Keep That Scub Live
And Fuck That Rich Shit
And Steal That New Whip
And Platinum Chain
And Give It All To A Juggalo Whos Never Had A Thang

Imma Juggalo In The Worst Way
Since The First Grade Ima Plot My Revnege On The World
I Cant Help If Im Into Werid Shit
Lookin In The Mirror With My Eyes Closed Eatin Lipstick

Why Do I Call Mysefl A Juggalo Sucka
We Dont Give A Mutha Fuck What You Got (Mutha Fucka)
We Dont Brown Nose Or Hound Dog No Weak Hoes
We Stand At The Bus Stop In Yesterdays Clothes

Im A Chainsaw Smoker With A Thirst For Blood
Since Were On The Sub-Deck Can You Get Me Some
When I Was 19 I Tryed To Cut Off My Tounge
And Mail It Ot The Devil So He'd Know My Voice When I Come

Why Do I Call Myself A Juggalo You Hater
We Dont Flip Sides All For A Bitch Like Darth Hater
Keep It (East Side)
Live For The Moment And Die Later
And (Stay High)
Till They Unplug The Respirator

Ima Be An J-U-Doulble G -A -L-O
(We Got A Raw Deal)
But Imma Be A J-U-Double G A Lo
(Im Killin Every Body)

It Dont Matter If Your Painted Or Not
Head It Alot We Got A Spot Here Keepin Hot
We On Some Moms And Pops
And Give Neck Chops
And Leaving A Puddle Of Blood Right Where Your Head Drops
You Can Call The Cops
But They Aint Comin Around Here
Its The Juggalos Runnin This Bitch
So Stand Clear

Why Do I Call My Self A Juggalo Punk
Cuz We Roll Thru The Hood With Politicans In The Trunk
Chickens In The Front Seat Straight To The Balls
We Aint Suckas We Dont Do Shoppin Sprees At The Malls For Affection
Barly Got Money For Petrol
Bitch You Musta Forgot You Fuckin With A Juggalo

Youll Never Know Till The Lights Go
It Might Go South
And You Might Get The Barrel In Your Mouth

You Lame Hoes Know
When The Chain Smoker And The Phatso Come Togetther
Lungs Colapse From Second Hand Smoke

Ima Be An J-U-Doulble G -A -L-O
(We Got A Raw Deal)
But Imma Be A J-U-Double G A Lo
(For Killin Every Body)

I Call Myslef A Jugglao Cuz My Face Painted
Yall Go Ahead And Kill The Scene
We'll Come Back And Recreate It
Half A Million Mutha Fuckas Lookin Jus Like Us
With Contacts And Band Paint
All Ready To Bust

This Aint No Civil War
(We Aint Civilized No More)
We Cut Throats Like Fuck It
And Smiling At You In Court Bitch
Independent We Gunna Stand On Our Own
And Prove To The Whole World
Why We Heir To The Throne

I Keep A Low Profile
But Low Profile
Teeth Like Crocadile
I Bite That Ass Like A Crocadile
Fuck It All Round Underground
While The Rest Bow Down To (?)
Had To Make A Count Down
Most Fly Around The Sound That I Make
Those Too Late
Would Rather Die Then Hear It All Change Sounds Show
But Everywhere That I Go
Every Where That I Go
I Let Em Know That Im Mutha Fuckin Juggalo

Ima Be An J-U-Doulble G -A -L-O
(We Got A Raw Deal)
But Imma Be A J-U-Double G A Lo
(For Killin Every Body)

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(no subject)

Nov. 2nd, 2007 | 08:22 pm

Hallowicked was awesome.
Got painted up and traveled the streets as the little kids were out getting free candy!
Managed to scare a couple of kids, not on purpose tho, but it was still funny to see thier reactions when i walked up and they seen me. Classic!!

Seen a few othe rjuggalos and juggalettes walking around, kicked it with them for most of thenight. Always fuin hanging with family! Juggalette Trish was the SHIT!!! She was always clowning on somehting and just dancing around in the night with no music. People seen her doing that and started giving her wierd faces so I joiend in with her, and when they gave us both wierd look, I told them to stop or i'd eat thier souls fore i am the boogyman! Got some good laughs. When trick or treat time wa sup and all the kids were back home, it was just me and trish left out. We walked around, partying, having fun and just letting loose!! She got home about 1:30, i was home shortly after by maybe 2:30 or 3. All in all, a fun night, filled with dancing, no music family and oh yeah the funnest person i have met so far.. TRISH!!

That's all for now.. until next time.. HOLD YA AXE HIGH AND BUMP THAT WIKKID SHIT!!!

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Its been 2 months or something

Oct. 23rd, 2007 | 06:55 pm

In the past 2 months, i still haven't gotten another job. I broke my ribs. I went to a concert and broke my ribs again. I got into a fight with my girl, on sunday because she ditched me on sweetest day which pissed me the fuck off not to mention it hurt like hell. Told her she can just go the fuck away, i wasn't dealing with it. Got my shit off her yesterday, tyhen satand talked to her for 3 hours, hopeing to work things out because i do love her more then i want to admit. She wanted to stay friends, she insits on the fact that she cares, but i can tell she doesnt care at all. But she begged me to stay in her life, as her friend, and i refuse to do it. But as i sat and talked to her, i came to the realization, that she really doesn't give a fuck about me, yet she constantly said she did. If she did, then she wouldn't of ditched me on sweetest day, she would of at least gave me a phone call. After the talk, I gave her the finger and told her to fuck the fuck off. She looked all sad and shit, kinda depressed about it, so i opened the door again and told her the most meanest, hurtful thing i could think of at the time which was

"youre nothing more then some slut that tried to use me for my money but i fooled you, i didnt have money and i used you for the sex. which was the worst sex i ever had!"

I felt horrible after saying that because none of it was true.. eitherway I felt terrible and I wanted to call her and apologize all night, but I knew what I had done and I knew I couldn't ever call her again. I know that i just got her out of my life, but i am regretting it with every passing moment. I care alot about her, and even if we are just friends she will still being my life. But do I really want that kind of person in my life? More importantly, do I really want to put myself through the pain and torment that I will endure each time i see her if i keep her in my life. These are the questions plagueing my mind and it sucks because i dont have the answers.

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Somebody gettin shot!

Aug. 18th, 2007 | 12:01 pm

Somebody getting shot
Ima pop someone
Ima drop someone
Ima blast!
(if you breathin my fuckin air)
Somebody getting shot!
(if you just standin there)
Somebody getting shot!

Yeah, thats how im feeling, seriously concidering going back to NC and living like a King again. See, when I was in NC, i was makin mad money. I gave it up to come back to Ohio. In NC i wasn't struggling with nothin! I always had at least 4 stacks in my grip at any given time. 4 stacks is $4,000. Best thing is, i wasn't workin a 9-5 to get it either. Dirty Money! My money is dirty like some hooker ass! filthy infected 50s never rejected. Pay me bitch. a little more then whats mine! Bullet holes and blood stains in the bills that fine! Im involved in some heavy shit. weigh in deep. i shot that bitch up tryin to follow me in they jeep. see these pot holes all over on my road to riches. out here swerevin in my black truck avoidin the ditches. Everything I ever owned, anything i ever had, theres 5 grand in my hand wrapped up in a rubber band. came from doin bad thangs dirt all on this money. held up in a liquor store. got to take it from these dummies. it aint funny motherfuckers how i make my way. strapped with a A K, i spray and go get paid. This aint no 9 to 5 time card. This the only way I get rich! DIRTY MONEY! This black truck! DIRTY! This new chain! DIRTY! All the shit I own, Dirty money pay for everything!!

but yeah, fuck this struggling for money, trying to hold a job and take care of my family with little to no money. I got in contact with a couple of my old familia down south and we talked about shit, came to an agreement. If and when I go back down there, im pretty much set. Was told my shit was still where i left it, couple people truied takin it, but my familia had my back even though i wasn't there and kept it safe for me. So yeah, when i go back down there, i got a few stacks i can sit on until i get my shit going again. From what I was told, not alot has changed, theres been a crack down by law enforcement, but thats nothing major, half them cops are crooked as fuck anyway so yeah, slip them a couple stacks and they become your best friend. Longs you know what you doin, the game is your best motherfuckin friend! You the player, but motherfucka, im the mothafuckin GAME! In this life, you either beat the game, or the game beat you and motherfuckers, aint nobody gonna beat me.

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Venting 101

Aug. 14th, 2007 | 02:43 pm

Almost a month ago, my sister died. She was murdere dby her boyfriend, yet there is no "ties" to him to it, so the police declared it a suicide. I have always been a incredibly strong individual. i never really turned to anyone for anyhting, i was always the one there for everyone else.

Lastnight, i got home from the gathering of the juggalos 2007. Well, the entire time i was there at the gathering, I didn't eat anything and only drank faygo. Well, it kinda struck me on the way home that i felt like complete shit. i was dehydrated and had no food in me. So i wa sin a grouchy mood and just tried sleeping. But i kept being woken up and it just made me even more grouchy. My girlfriend (well ex now) handed me a cheeseburger and told me i needed to eat. I did the most stupidest shit ever and went all stubborn on her. Told her that Ididn't need anything from her and if I needed something that bad then i would go and get it myself. I didn't want a hand out from her. I basically insulted her without meaning to. Lastnight, she broke up with me because of it. Saying that i insulted her by refusing her food. Its ok for me to take care of her, but its not ok for her to take care of me and she won't put up with it. I was devastated. I care alot about her, I would do anyhting for her. But i will survive. This morning, I woke up, got my shower and went to work, just to find that i was fired on friday and was not given any kind of warning or explaination as to why. So I went to the office and tried talkin to Wes, just to find that he is out of state for a bit. Tried talkin to someone else who would know whats going on, but she was no where to be found. Great right, not to mention I still haven't eaten anything, going on day 6 now. I been coughing blood for 3 days, throwing up the past 5 days and if i tried to eat it would come right back out.
So fuck it all.

So here i sit with a hole in my head.
I tried replacing information but I wound up dead
nothing but static remains
on my hands are my brains
leaking all over the floor.

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Aug. 5th, 2007 | 12:52 pm

Its coming... it's coming... It's coming....

GOTJ 07 is only 4 days away. Got my pendant/necklace and wristband this morning. Wednesday at some point we are on our way up to Il. I'm excited, after the shit that just happened, yeah this is going to be the best 5 days of my fucking life!!! Just think, 5 days of good music, family and no reason to be paranoid about stuff.

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what am i supposed to do?

Jul. 20th, 2007 | 06:54 pm

I got stuck holding everyone together, I just want to scream out but can't. I have to be strong for the sake of the family.. and i can't do it. What am I supposed to do?

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the days events.. in retrospect

Jul. 7th, 2007 | 07:48 pm

Today is normally a bad day. Its been 13 years on this day and it still kills me inside. There is still confusion, anger and pain in my heart from 13 years ago. I went to talk to my dad today. Sat at his headstone for most of the day. I talked about everything thats been going on the past year. I told him about my plans... and how they never seem to happen or go wrong when they do happen. Of course I didn't get a response. I never expected to really. I thought about digging down to his casket then prying it open and laying with his bones.. but i didn't have a shovel and when I asked the caretaker for one, he kicked me out of the graveyard and threatened to call the cops. I thought about going home and getting a shovel then going back.. but it might look weird walking througha graveyard holding a shovel.

So yeah, I have 4 days to piss everyone who is close to me, off so bad that they sever all contact and wish me to die. Then I can spend the res tof my life in this world the same way I came in, completely alone.

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its that time...

Jun. 30th, 2007 | 08:01 pm

yeah in roughly 11 days i'll be anothe ryear older.. yay me. More bills to pay and more work to do.

Theres soemthing wrong with me.
I been having nightmares like crazy.
Everything that happens in the nightmare
has been happening to me.
Such as, I would dream of falling off a mountain cliff and getting all scratched up then wake up with scratches all ove rmy body.
I dreamt that i ran into a wall and smashed my skull
i woke up with a gash in my forehead (that needed 15 stiches) and blood all over the bed. So I set up a video camera to see if i was sleep walking. I watched the video the next morning and seen the tape. I didn't sleep walk, all I did was toss and turn. But when I woke up, I had blood literally pouring from my knee.

Oh well.. shit happens.

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so f&%$#ing what

Jun. 5th, 2007 | 03:31 pm

sick of people, they all piss me off. so happy, so joyful, so annoying. trust is something i no longer have. fuck trusting people, fuck it all. ill kill them all and let the almighty sort them out. thats how i been feeling for awhile now. kill them, kill their families, kill their friends then turn and kill myself. sounds like a great plan. but im such a reject, that i could neveer perform hara kiri properly, so it would fail and then just be yet another failure under my belt.

heres to me: the biggest failure alive! can't even perform hara kiri without failing.

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