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Venting 101

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Aug. 14th, 2007 | 02:43 pm

Almost a month ago, my sister died. She was murdere dby her boyfriend, yet there is no "ties" to him to it, so the police declared it a suicide. I have always been a incredibly strong individual. i never really turned to anyone for anyhting, i was always the one there for everyone else.

Lastnight, i got home from the gathering of the juggalos 2007. Well, the entire time i was there at the gathering, I didn't eat anything and only drank faygo. Well, it kinda struck me on the way home that i felt like complete shit. i was dehydrated and had no food in me. So i wa sin a grouchy mood and just tried sleeping. But i kept being woken up and it just made me even more grouchy. My girlfriend (well ex now) handed me a cheeseburger and told me i needed to eat. I did the most stupidest shit ever and went all stubborn on her. Told her that Ididn't need anything from her and if I needed something that bad then i would go and get it myself. I didn't want a hand out from her. I basically insulted her without meaning to. Lastnight, she broke up with me because of it. Saying that i insulted her by refusing her food. Its ok for me to take care of her, but its not ok for her to take care of me and she won't put up with it. I was devastated. I care alot about her, I would do anyhting for her. But i will survive. This morning, I woke up, got my shower and went to work, just to find that i was fired on friday and was not given any kind of warning or explaination as to why. So I went to the office and tried talkin to Wes, just to find that he is out of state for a bit. Tried talkin to someone else who would know whats going on, but she was no where to be found. Great right, not to mention I still haven't eaten anything, going on day 6 now. I been coughing blood for 3 days, throwing up the past 5 days and if i tried to eat it would come right back out.
So fuck it all.

So here i sit with a hole in my head.
I tried replacing information but I wound up dead
nothing but static remains
on my hands are my brains
leaking all over the floor.

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